Thanks to modern technology, new cars & vans now come with keys that are more advanced and more secure. Equipped with electronic chips, these keys are programmed by the manufacturer to exclusively work on a particular unit model. There are two types of keys: transponder keys, and remote keys. 
Both keys, with the help of radio frequency, can be used to unlock and start your automobile. However, transponder keys can be “key-less”, and can actually lock, unlock, and start the engine without a physical mechanism. All it needs is the programmed chip that comes with it. On the other hand, remote keys are only equipped with a remote-control unit, separately mounted on the head of the key. 
Usually, remote car keys are battery operated. If the remote ceases to function, the traditional key can still be used. 
If your car key is a transponder or a remote type – our auto locksmiths specialise in all of the needed programming and retooling of your keys no matter what type. Whether you’ve lost them or they're damaged, there’s no key Auto Key Pro cannot work on. 
How long will it take to reprogram my keys? 
Our auto locksmiths can cut and program keys in just a few minutes. However, some types require passwords, PINs, and other intricate methods that may need diagnostic software. This method can sometimes take a few hours. 
Can I re-program my car keys myself? 
In a strict sense, no. It’s always best to ask the opinion and the help of an auto key specialist, in order to protect and ensure your car’s security. Also, only professional auto locksmiths have the knowledge and application of the software needed for your key programming. 
What if I lose the duplicate keys? 
Our skilled team of locksmiths at Auto Key Pro may still program and clone your keys, as long as your vehicle is present at our working site. 
Will having my keys reprogrammed be expensive? 
The rates of Auto Key Pro are cost-efficient & competitive. We respond to enquiries in the areas near and around West and North London. 
Auto Key Pro is based near Uxbridge and Rickmansworth & We Cover all Surrounding Areas 
Please contact us at: or through 07768 610655 for immediate for assistance. 
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